We're equipped to take care of all our animals

Advanced medical work ups

Diagnostic equipment at the practice includes microscopes, opthalmoscopes, centrifuges, a urine spectrometer, and tonometer; as well as specialized diagnostic equipment for advanced medical diagnostic work ups.

  • Ultrasound (“sonar scanning”): a useful diagnostic imaging modality for assessing soft tissue.
  • X-rays: we have a state of the art digital x-ray system and two x-ray machines.
  • Endoscopes: these are fiber-optic instruments used to evaluate hollow organs or body cavities such as the gastro-intestinal tract and airway passages.
  • Blood analysis machines: enable the team to evaluate various internal body functions efficiently.

Advanced Surgical Procedures

The practice has the facilities and expertise to perform advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery:

  • Anaesthetic Monitoring: using advanced anaesthetic monitoring equipment, the team is able to simultaneously monitor blood operations.
  • Theater: our well-equipped theater enables sterile procedures.
  • Advanced orthopaedic procedures: they include complex fracture repairs, hip and elbow dysplasia surgeries, cruciate ligament repairs, and spinal decompression surgeries.
  • Advanced soft tissue surgery: procedures include elongated soft palate resections, urethrostomies, diaphragmatic hernia repairs, and gastropexies.

House calls

We accommodate clients who have multiple pets requiring medical care, are unable to bring a pet into the practice, or would rather have their pet seen to at home.


  • Kennels: the practice has two indoor areas for kennels – to place patients carrying potentially contagious diseases in isolation; and for surgical and non-contagious patients. And our outdoor kennel area is used mostly for patients boarding for extended periods.
  • Pharmacy: an in-house pharmacy ensures a constant supply of medication for our patients.
  • Retail: the retail section stocks a wide range of dog, cat and parrot food (including Royal Canin, Acana, Origen, Eukanuba, Iams, Hills, Vets Choice, Ultradog and Maxhealth).