The Veterinarian team

A dedicated team with a huge love for animals

Dr Roxanne Mavrides

Dr Roxanne Mavrides joined the Brackenhurst Veterinary family as a locum in December, while Dr De Bruin was on maternity leave. And, though recently qualified, she showed remarkable acumen working under immense pressure during this typically busy time. Impressed with her performance, Drs Bholla and Dabrowski secured a permanent position for Dr Mavrides at the practice. She’s since become an industrious and dedicated member of the team, always prioritizing her patients’ care. Dr Mavrides is engaged to Paul van Wyngaardt, an IT developer.


Dr Ajit Bholla

Dr Ajit Bholla, who qualified in the same class as Dr Joshua Dabrowski, was one of the four students to win “The Clinic Group of the Year Award” at the end of his final, practical year at Onderstepoort. This is a highly esteemed award among the faculty and students.

Dr Bholla joined Brackenhurst Veterinary Hospital in 2014. His leadership, passion for excellence, and keen interest in research are a great inspiration to the team. And Dr Bholla’s proficiency in IT aptitude has helped the practice migrate to a paperless environment. Dr Bholla is happily married to Dr Kate Naidoo, a former classmate.


Veterinary Assistants

Reception team


Veterinary Assistants

They play a key role in the running of the hospital side of the practice. And together they perform many important tasks, such as keeping the hospital clean at all times; sterilizing surgical instruments; managing and processing food and medicine orders; assisting the veterinary team with nursing care to our patients; and assisting the veterinary team with diagnostics, therapeutic procedures and treatments.

Paul Nevombe is the team leader, and has a wealth of experience, having worked in a small animal veterinary practice since leaving school. Paul is in many ways a practice manager - overseeing his team, as well as doing stock control. Papi Kabengele and Rodrick Vuma are the newest members of the kennel team, both having joined the practice in 2015. Rodrick is qualifying as a professional landscaper, and Papi is a qualified “fitter and turner”, as well as a professional welder. And all these skills culminate in a wealth of proficiency in the practice.

Then there are the three sisters: Lettah Khanye, Joanna Khanye and Jumaimah Maghlangu. Jumaimah oversees disinfecting and cleaning of the hospital; and Joanna and Lettah are both expert animal handlers, with years of hands-on experience and internal training in nursing care.

Reception team

The team comprises Sharon Huson, Erica Spiller, and Marla Partridge. Erica and Marla are both mothers of grown children, and in many ways are the “mother figures” in the practice. They always show empathy and compassion for patients and clients alike. Sharon exudes boundless energy, and is a great support to the team. She also gets involved in local doggy daycare. This team’s passion for animals is invaluable to the practice. They’ also get involved in community outreaches to help meet poorer communities’ animal care needs.

At Brackenhurst Veterinary Hospital, the unity of the team is what keeps the practice going. Their dedication, positive attitude, and enthusiasm create an ideal working environment.